2016 Exhibition: "Arabesque"

Encouraging regular social interaction through art, music, performance, community, and fashion, Aesthete Society is a creative collaborative, with a focus and care towards creating interactive art experiences that are open and inviting to all audiences. With the first event holding a focus on fashion, this second experience entitled, “Arabesque,” welcomed guests to engage in a new interactive environment, and thus contemplating what the word ‘Arabesque,’ means to them.

2015 Launch Event : "Amalgamated Allure

The Amalgamated Allure collection was created as an expression of pure style and beauty. Every suit captures a story within each pleat, fold and stitch. Created with carefully selected materials, and sewn together with loving hands, every piece is unique purely by the nature of its build. We would like to extend the same experience and joy that comes from owning a garment that not only captures your personal style, but will remain a timeless classic in your collection. Check out a gallery of a few pieces by clicking below.